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Suspended Meal




How it works:

We were inspired by the 'suspended coffee' movement to make this opportunity available to our customers. When you donate a suspended item, you’re not only satisfying a person’s immediate need, you may also be helping to restore their dignity. We thank you for supporting All Real Giving! 

How do I purchase a suspended meal?

It’s simple really. When you purchase your weekly meals, you now have the option to buy one for someone in need. These meals are separate from (and in addition to) our donations to multiple charities that provide for the food insecure. They will be distributed to local families that we are working with directly. 

Who am I helping?

This one is a win-win! Your donation stays right in the community. You not only directly support someone in need, you also support local business and local farms, 

Can I buy something other than one meal?

Yes! You can donate a gift card, a gift cooler, or multiple food items. Simply indicate in the comments at check out which items you would like suspended.